EPICsode/incident 70, “Triumph,Tragedy, Lost Parents, Walking Dead, Other Loose ENDs, part 10”

in the Last EPICsode Obama revealed why TEDe has chosen our 5 younglings to fight the forces of H.A.M. aka HOT ASS MESS!!! Rosie, Mike and Jackson are excited about the revelation But others don’t seem to be so ready to dance…….

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EPICsode/incident 69, “Triumph, Tragedy, Lost Parents, Walking the Dead, Other Loose ENDs. part 9”

in the last EPICsode….the children stand before a bath robed President Obama. With the realization of being in Washington D.C. through a means not yet revealed ,because the information would be more then mind numbing, (breath)…the infamous Twins give an ultimatum !!!! …..

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EPICsode/incident 68, “Triumph, Tragedy, Lost Parents, Walking the Dead, Other Loose ENDs part 8”

in the Last EPICsode…..the children walk in on the President of the United States of America making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. QUESTIONS abound…where are they, why, and why is the president making his own sandwich in the White House, doesn’t he have help????………..

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